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Manx Basking
Shark Watch

Representative: Jackie Hall

MBSW Website

Manx Society for
Marine Conservation

Representative: Hayley Dolton email Haley


Isle of Man Fungus Group

For more details see the IOM Fungus Group pages HERE!

The Isle of Man Fungus Group was established on 19th June 2013.

Contact email John Wardle.


Manx Native Trees

The Manx Native Oak Group has been re-named Manx Native Trees. Steve Prescott has taken over the native tree nursery from Mil Millichap and there is a brand new website with information about our tree and shrub species.

The nursery grows native trees and shrubs as bare roots, pot grown or "Rootrainer" (cell grown trees). For information email Steve Prescott

Manx Native Trees

Manx Native Trees

Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation

... care deeply about the welfare of Honey Bees and all types of wild bee ...

Representative: Cilla Platt email the Federation

SeaSearch Isle of Man

2011 was a fantastic year for recording in the Isle of Man ...


Contact: Tony Glen email Tony

Manx Fish Producers Organisation

The MFPO started as a fisheries pressure group ...

Contact: David Beard email David

Manx Wildlife Trust

Contact: email enquiries

Manx Wildlife Trust

Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch

Contact: Tom Felce email Tom



Wildflowers of Mann

Contact: Andree Dubbeldam email Andree

Wildflowers of Mann

Isle of Man Woodland Trust

Protecting, maintaining and enhancing existing woodland and planting new ...

Manx hedgerow trees

Protecting hedgerow trees - a note by Richard Crowhurst.

Eyreton Wood, IOM Woodland Trust

Eyreton Wood, IOM Woodland Trust's first woodland

Contact: Richard Crowhurst email Richard

Isle of Man
Friends of the Earth

Contact: Phil Corlett email Phil


Isle of Man
Natural History and Antiquarian Society

Representative: Ian Burrell email Ian


Mammal Society - Isle of Man branch

Contact: Ed Pooley

The Mammal Society on the Isle of Man ...

Mammal Society

Manx Bat Group

Chairman: Bob Moon contact details on website

IOM Bat Group

Manx BirdLife

Contact: Dora Querido email Dora

Manx BirdLife

Manx Butterfly Conservation

Contact: Garry Curtis contact details on website

Manx Butterfly Conservation

Manx National Farmers Union Manx Farming and Food Matters

Belinda Leach is General Secretary and Ray Craine is President. Contact: email Belinda

Manx NFU


Manx Ornithological Society

Contact: see website


Manx Sea Matters

Manx Sea Matters was created in 2007 in response to exploratory licences being awarded to aggregate dredging companies in Manx Waters. The group was made up of a fishermen's representative, environmentalists, divers and individuals just concerned with the welfare of the sea bed in the territorial seas.

The group was largely successful in raising the awareness of the possible problems of digging for aggregate and as a result of this awareness aggregate dredging was pushed to the forefront of the local media while the exploratory digging took place.

Jurby Bombs

Centre for Manx Studies,
University of Liverpool

Contact: email the secretary

Centre for Manx Studies

Isle of Man Farming and Wildlife Group

Marianne Kerruish: Secretary email
Paul Fletcher: Chairman email.

The next meeting is a 'Talk on the work of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust' by Ruth Dalton, Northern Officer for the RBST, on Thursday 25th April 2013 at Knockaloe Classroom, Patrick at 7.30pm.

IOM Farming and Wildlife Group logo

Manx Game Preservation Society

Contact: Alan Jackson email Alan


Culture Vannin (Manx Heritage Foundation)

Representative: Pat Skillicorn email Pat


Manx Footpaths Conservation Group

Representative: Geoff Crabtree email Geoff

Manx Footpath Conservation Group

Society for the Preservation of the Manx Countryside and the Environment


Manx Rivers Improvement Society